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Awhile back, I did a quick post on a few of the rates of tears at different hospitals in the Twin Cities area. The info has been slightly updated, and I decided to pull the information for all of the area hospitals.

A few notes: The website that lists this information doesn’t specify what degree of perineal tears they are talking about. Tears are rated first degree, second degree, third degree, and fourth degree. First and second degree tears can be pretty common. Most epidemiological discussions about tears focus only on 3rd degree tears and second degree tears. I’m hoping to get some clarification on what the heck they are talking about when they say “tears”, and I’ll update this post as I can.

Perineum Tears: Rates for Vaginal Deliveries without Instruments; for some reason, St. Joseph’s is missing.

Lowest rates to highest:

  1. Shakopee- 1%
  2. Ridgeview- 1%
  3. St. John’s- 1%
  4. HCMC- 2%
  5. Lakeview-2%
  6. Unity- 2%
  7. Regions- 2%
  8. North Memorial- 2%
  9. Mercy Hospital- 2%
  10. University of Minnesota- 3%
  11. United- 3%
  12. Regina- 3%
  13. Ridges- 3%
  14. Methodist- 3%
  15. Northfield- 4%
  16. Woodwinds- 4%
  17. Southdale- 4%
  18. Maple Grove- 4%
  19. The MotherBaby Center/ Abbott Northwestern- 5%

Perineum Tears: Rates for Vaginal Deliveries with Instruments

Lowest rates to highest:

  1. Regina- 0%
  2. University of Minnesota- 5%
  3. Hennepin County Medical Center- 10%
  4. St. John’s- 10%
  5. Woodwinds- 10%
  6. Regions- 12%
  7. Unity- 12%
  8. St. Joseph’s- 13%
  9. Southdale- 13%
  10. Northfield- 13%
  11. United- 14%
  12. Shakopee-15%
  13. Ridges- 16%
  14. North Memorial Medical Center- 16%
  15. Mercy- 19%
  16. Methodist- 24%
  17. Ridgeview- 27%
  18. Maple Grove- 20%
  19. The MotherBaby Center/ Abbott Northwestern- 24%

Beyond choosing your care provider and place where you give birth with a lot of thought and care, make sure you know the different ways you can make pushing and birth as safe as possible. Check out our Confident Birth and Beyond (Lamaze) classes, too, to learn how to have a safe and healthy birth.

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