More Allina Strike Concerns

Monday’s post on the Allina strike has hit 4,000 views—in 48 hours. People are reading it, people are sharing it, which is great, but you guys? I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this– it’s going to be worse than I thought. I met Lisa in person, who was super brave to share her story, today. She’s been amazed at the response, that anyone cares what her experience was. And yes, she gave me permission to share all of this. But the more I learned as we spoke, the more disgusted I am with Allina’s CEO and administration to allow another strike to go on.

Once the strike started and after her Cesarean, not only was Lisa (and at least one other mom) left in recovery for HOURS– at least 2, maybe 3—without a single staff person checking in (AFTER SURGERY), once Lisa and her baby were finally taken to the postpartum wing, the room she was in didn’t have any diapers, and all attempts that Lisa and her husband made to get a nurse to help with anything were refused. They would not bring medication. They never asked what she was doing to feed her baby.  She was at least experienced enough with breastfeeding that she knew what she was doing, but if she needed formula, I don’t know if anyone would have been there to bring her any. The replacement overnight nurses did not check to see if her son was being fed. LISA WAS NEVER FED, save for some crackers her husband managed to find, until she reached out the next morning and after her midwife raised hell to get Lisa any care in any way, shape, or form.

So, let’s get this straight: I have seen union propaganda. I have been very diligent in getting as much detail as I can on all sides of this issue. I am not sharing this as union propaganda. I am sharing this because I am TERRIFIED to learn what hundreds of other moms and babies were subjected to during the strike. I’m sure Lisa’s experience was what everyone else had to go through. In 4,000 page views, nobody has told me anything was inaccurate. I’ve had people reach out and confirm that Lisa’s experience was a fair representation of what it was like and will be like during another nurse strike.

Someone needs to tell me why this is ok: A mom who gave birth at Abbot Northwestern during the June strike gave birth via major abdominal surgery, was left for hours immediately following with no care, was brought into an actual room with no diapers, nobody checked her vitals or her son’s vitals after major surgery. Allina’s replacement nurses did not care if she was fed. They did not care if the baby was fed. It wasn’t until an outside party stepped in that Lisa and her son had any care whatsoever. Most people who give birth at Allina don’t have the access to their OBs that would have allowed them to have an advocate that would have raised hell and gotten them care.

I’m sharing this because somehow, someone needs to speak up. This isn’t about not having a birth go a specific way. This is about a hospital system refusing to make sure that their patients are cared for in the slightest. Allina’s powers that be need to tell me why they are OK with letting their patients get not just sub-standard care, but likely absolutely no care, no food, and without their basic medical needs met. Allina’s CEO kept saying the staffing levels were adequate. She was either misinformed or outright lying.

As women, we are often told that as long as are babies are here and alive, we should shut up and be thankful. I’m here and I’m going to rock the boat for Lisa and for that other mom in the recovery room with her and for the hundreds of moms and babies that I have no doubt weren’t provided basic care. I have a blog. I have this platform. I can share Lisa’s story and hope it gives others the courage to speak up. Otherwise, I’m mad, I’m sad, and I’m scared.

If you need or want to reach me, the office phone is 651-200-3343 and I can be contacted by email at

Veronica Jacobsen, BA, CLC, CPST, LCCE, FACCE
Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators

Opening BabyLove in September of 2011 has allowed me to build a space where all families can come to get good information in a caring, welcoming environment. I have found that not only do I love teaching more than ever, but I also really love running a business. Hopefully my passion for every aspect of BabyLove shines through.
I live in Richfield with my husband, and I am a mother of a two great children. When I can steal a few free moments, I love to go on adventures with my family, cook, garden, thrift, can, and craft.

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