BabyLove’s Featured Family: Donncuan, Kelsey and Charles (Part Two)

On Monday, we kicked off our new blog feature where we highlight various BabyLove families with an interview with new mom Kelsey.  Today we get a dad’s perspective from Donncuan!

So, far, what has been your biggest joy in becoming a father?

Watching my son grow and develop. I never thought that seeing him hold his head up on his own, or hearing him make all those funny baby squeals would make me so proud. It is a joy just to see him smile every day.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced since your baby was born?

Learning what cry means what was quite a challenge. He would cry, and I would get so frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Of course, it was always the last thing I had done. If I had just fed him, he needed to be fed again. If I had just changed him, he needed to be changed again. Now I can tell what is bothering him, and he hardly ever cries any more. I suppose that means he finally has me trained J

How has your relationship with your partner changed since the birth of your baby?

I think we are more loving to each other now than before, in some ways. We both understand that it is a challenge to take care of our boy, so we both try extra hard to show our love and appreciation of the other. Whether it’s taking turns making dinner, or just holding him so the other can take a shower.

Did you feel that your childbirth classes prepared you for birth? How so?

In some ways, yes. Having a general overview of what was going to happen was very helpful, as well as having some tools and tricks to try to help my wife with labor. In the end, the best thing I could do to help my wife was just being there and focusing on her and the baby. However, I don’t think that if I had 10 years of training that I would be totally “prepared”. In my experience, our son’s birth was both scary and exciting, but I was never afraid for his, or my wife’s, health, and I credit that to our child birth classes and our midwife.

What is one thing you think all parents should know before the birth of their baby?

Don’t make any other plans for a few weeks! I thought that we would have our baby, and that I would go stir crazy sitting around the house watching him. It’s not like that at all. You’ll find yourself staring at him, feeding him, changing him, and when you look at the clock next, its 11:30 at night. Have a good support structure “just in case” you need a few hours break. Also, for the Mom’s, you are not a bad mother if your baby cries, or you get angry, or frustrated. You will spend days second guessing your decisions, from immunizations, to feeding times, to what kind of diapers to buy. Make a decision and go with it, the only thing that really matters is the love you have for your child. Babies don’t hold grudges. They aren’t going to hate you later in life because you accidentally nick them when you are trimming their toenails. Fill your baby’s heart with love and the little stuff will work itself out.


Veronica Jacobsen, BA, CLC, CPST, LCCE, FACCE
Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators

Opening BabyLove in September of 2011 has allowed me to build a space where all families can come to get good information in a caring, welcoming environment. I have found that not only do I love teaching more than ever, but I also really love running a business. Hopefully my passion for every aspect of BabyLove shines through.
I live in Richfield with my husband, and I am a mother of a two great children. When I can steal a few free moments, I love to go on adventures with my family, cook, garden, thrift, can, and craft.

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