BabyLove Featured Family, Part 2: Heather, Brandon, Baby F, and Brother B

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Today we bring you the second half of this family’s thoughts on adding baby number 2 into the mix. ¬†Brandon was so kind to share his thoughts; if you missed Heather’s thoughts on Monday, make sure to check them out here. ¬†

  • So far, what has been your biggest joy in becoming a father again?

It has been a lot of fun to see our 2 year old son interact with his new sister and watch him embrace the big brother role. It was really exciting and surprising for Heather and I to find out that it was a girl this time around!

  • What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced since your baby was born?

Sleep:) It has been challenging to adjust to two little ones who don’t always want to sleep. In addition, I try to help out Heather during the nightly feedings/changes and still get enough sleep to make it through the workday at the office. Our main focus is to maintain our son’s nightly routine and so far that has been a success.

  • How has your relationship with your wife changed since the birth of your 2nd child?

Our daughter’s birth has helped us communicate better and has helped us to cherish all these moments – our son is 2 already and the past few years can seem like a blur at times… We try to spend as much family time (reading books, playing with toys, going for a walk, etc.) as possible on weekends and after work on weekdays. We have found that Boston seems to have adjusted well to his new sister and I think a big part of that came from Heather and I continuing our family meals (when possible) and him seeing us both interacting with him similarly to when it was only the three of us.

  • Did you feel that your childbirth classes prepared you for this birth? How so?

Absolutely, the classes were a great refresher for us. In addition, we learned a lot about water birth – something that we had planned to do for the second birth but had not done for the first. The classes also helped us realize the things that happened at our first birth that we really wanted or really didn’t want to happen at the second.

  • What is one thing you think all parents should know before the birth of their baby?

Everyone will give you advice or use the ‘we did it this way and it worked out ok’ lines, but trust your instincts. We have done things (elimination communication, water birth, co-sleeping, etc.) that our parents, family, and/or friends have disagreed with or questioned us about, but having done a lot of research and seeing the positive results with Boston we feel confident that we are doing what’s best for our family. Knowledge is key, so research and don’t just assume that a ‘fact’ is accurate – there are many different parenting styles and a lot of ‘misinformation’ online and in the media. Lastly, remember at the end of the day that you and your spouse are on the ‘same team’ and striving for the same goal(s) – lack of sleep and other stressors can cause frustration between you and your spouse, but keep your focus on what’s really important and how you can communicate and work together to be the best parents that you can be!

Veronica Jacobsen, BA, CLC, CPST, LCCE, FACCE
Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators

Opening BabyLove in September of 2011 has allowed me to build a space where all families can come to get good information in a caring, welcoming environment. I have found that not only do I love teaching more than ever, but I also really love running a business. Hopefully my passion for every aspect of BabyLove shines through.
I live in Richfield with my husband, and I am a mother of a two great children. When I can steal a few free moments, I love to go on adventures with my family, cook, garden, thrift, can, and craft.

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