A Lip Tie Update

Well, it’s been about 12 days since my almost 8 year old daughter had her lip tie fixed at St. Croix Kidds Pediatric Dentistry by Dr. Darcy. Undiagnosed at birth, that lip tie created a ton of issues with breastfeeding (I only made it past 4 weeks with the help of some friends) and now was causing a huge gap between her front teeth. My hope was to have the frenectomy done so that her front teeth would grow together.  I don’t have any before pictures, because, and if you have ever gone through this with your child, it’s a little nerve-wracking and I simply was too nervous to remember to take a “before” shot.

So, if you’re curious, here’s what the whole thing was like:

Dr. Darcy brought me back with both kids. She had a DVD playing on the ceiling for the kids to watch while she did her exam. My daughter went first.  There was no need to fix her tongue (it turns out she thrusts her tongue outward when she swallows, which is causing choking), but Dr. Darcy said for sure there was a need for a release on her teeth.  Her main concern was that doing the release would change my daughter’s smile, but after deliberating for awhile, I finally asked my daughter what SHE wanted.  She wanted to get her lip fixed. My son, on the other hand, ended up not needing any release done.  We did decide to have him go back to the ENT who took out his tonsils and adnoid to make sure things still looked ok.

With babies, Dr. Darcy doesn’t use any kind of anesthesia to do the frenectomy with the laser.  She does it so quickly that they don’t really know what’s going on, she explained.  With my daughter, she had her on Nitrous Oxide (but gave me the choice on it), gave her a good topical, and then injected the local anesthetic. After a few minutes with the laser, she had me come over to check it out.  We agreed she could go a little further, so she did.  When she was done and my daughter was on the Oxygen for a few minutes, that was it.  We went home. Here’s a picture of what it looked like right away:

Fixed lip Tie
















We had to have my daughter eat a soft diet for the next 24 hours.  She had one dose of Acetaminophen right away and one dose of Ibuprofen before bed, but otherwise…she was good. She did have some swelling the next 2 days, but she kept telling me that it didn’t hurt, and I’m sure it didn’t.

So there you go.  I’m glad we did it.  She was good about stretching her lip. I took a picture last night and it’s almost all the way healed.  We had a debate at dinner if her teeth were moving together yet. It’s too soon to tell. But if you’re on the fence about having it done via laser and worry if it will hurt your baby or child for awhile, rest easy.

photo (6)















Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!



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  1. Molly says

    Thanks for this! My 3.5 year old daughter has a lip tie that seems to be causing a gap in her teeth, too. Actually, all 3 of my kids have it, but it hasn’t caused any problems nursing any of them and my oldest’s teeth don’t have the gap. The youngest doesn’t have any teeth yet, so we’ll see.

    I’m wondering if your insurance paid for this procedure? Do you happen to know about how much it costs? We don’t have insurance so we’d be paying out of pocket. Is it better to do it while my daughter is younger or wait until she can decide if she wants to when she’s a little older?

    • admin says

      I’m glad it helped!

      Our dental insurance paid for part of it after we met the deductible. It’s common for it to cost anywhere between $400-$600. As for the age, I’m not the one who does the procedure, and each doctor is a little different on what ages they recommend doing it at, so you’d have to ask the care provider.


    • admin says

      Do you mean tongues?

      As far as I’ve been told by leading experts in the field, yes, if baby has a lip tie, they are 99% likely to have a tongue tie as well. There are various degrees of tongue ties. The most severe are easiest to see, but you’ll find most pediatricians are ignorant of how important it is to treat them. Even the less severe ties will often cause breastfeeding issues right away, but long term can also cause speech, eating, and breathing issues. Here’s some information from the dentist in NY who is really leading the charge to re-educate providers on the importance and methods to treat these issues: http://www.kiddsteeth.com/articles/websitettlnbew.pdf

      I hope that helps!



      • Nicole says

        Oh that’s reassuring to know:-) my baby girl had hers lasered last week and I’ve since been paranoid she will develop a gummy smile later on. She has the most beautiful smile in the world, I’ve been so worried thinking it would change!!!

  2. Holly says

    I’m really paranoid that my daughter will have a gummy smile since we had hers revised at 3 weeks old. She has almost no tissue connecting the upper lip and since I’ve read so many sites saying it will cause a gummy smile. What are your thoughts?

  3. Lauren says

    My 8 week old baby definitely has an upper lip tie. She is gaining weight pretty well but has never had a great latch and always hops on and off and if I don’t hold her on she slowly slips off. So I’m concerned that it will only get worse as she grows. Anyway. I’m in northern mn. Do you know if this dentist is the closest place to have the procedure done with a laser or if there are others in the state.


  4. Lauren says

    Second question: how is the procedure scheduled? Is it possible to be diagnosed and have it done the same day? Or will it take two appointments?

    Thanks again!

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