2015 Twin Cities Medical Group Primary Cesarean Rates

I’m a big nerd when it comes to birth data. Maybe you’ve noticed. So when new information becomes available, it’s like Christmas to me. Yesterday, I figured out that MN Community Measurement had finally released their 2015 Health Care Quality Report. For the second year in a row, they reported Primary Cesarean rates by Medical Group.

So, some good news. The State’s rate of primary cesarean dropped from 22.2% to 21.9%. After a decade of rapid increases in cesarean rates, this is just another measure that shows we’re going in the right direction. Whee!

OK, time for the real stuff. From highest rates to lowest, here’s what the report has for Medical Groups. For comparison, I put the rate from 2014’s report in parentheses.

  1. Allina Health Specialties- 34.7% (27.9%)
  2. Comprehensive Healthcare for Women- 33.0% (30.5%)
  3. Western OBGYN- 29.2% (26.1%)
  4. OBGYN West-27.9% (24.1%)
  5. Women’s Health Consultants- 27.0% (24.9%)
  6. Metropolitan OBGYN- 26.0% (29.5%)
  7. Partners OBGYN- 25.2% (27%)
  8. Clinic Sofia- 25.1% (25.1%)
  9.  Obestetrics and Gynecology Associates- 24.8% (21.9%)
  10. Hennepin County Medical Center Clinics -24.7% (19.1%)
  11. Fairview Health Services- 23.5% (24.8%)
  12. Adefris and Toppin Women’s Specialists- 21.9% (27%)
  13. Healthpartners Clinics- 21.7% (n/a)
  14. Allina Health Clinics- 21.6% (25.8%)
  15. Southdale OBGyn Consultants- 21.5% (21.6%)
  16. Park Nicollet Health Services- 20.1% (19.2%)
  17. North Clinic- 19.6% (24.4%)
  18. Multicare Associates- 19.3% (29.5%)
  19. U of M Physicians-18.4% (17.3%)
  20. Oakdale OBGYN- 16.3% (18.7%)
  21. John A Haugen Associates- 16.2% (21.2%)
  22. Hudson Physicians- Minnesota Healthcare Network- 14.9% (11.8%)
  23. AALFA Family Clinic- 4.7% (13.0%)

You can read the full report for 2015 here.

Coming up in the next post, I’ll share my thoughts on some of these numbers. In the meantime, enjoy!



Veronica Jacobsen, BA, CLC, CPST, LCCE, FACCE
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